At LegalRaahi, we try our greatest to deliver the most effective quality of services possible and assurance your fulfillment with our services and support. We have a tendency to perpetually improve and try to deliver the most effective accounting, financial or secretarial services online. In any case, on the off chance that you are not happy with our services, then get in touch with us quickly and we will address the circumstance, give a refund or offer credit that can be utilized for future LegalRaahi orders.

Let us know before going for a refund

If you’re not happy with the service, simply email us at or call us at 8750008585 and Dial extension 3. All requests are reviewed by members of the Senior Management and personally responded within 24-48 hours.

Refund Policy

When a payment of fee is created to LegalRaahi, the fees paid fees paid in advance is preserved by LegalRaahi in a Customer account. LegalRaahi will acquire the expenses after acting at a customer’s issue. During a commitment, LegalRaahi acquires expense at various rates and various occasions relying upon the culmination of different milestones obtaining DIN, Filing of forms, assigning relationship manager, etc.). Refund can’t be provided for attained fee as a result of resources and man hours spent on delivering the service are non-returnable in nature. In short, process fees, payment gateway charges, admin fees, and cost of resources for the work done till date are deducted. Further, we tend to can’t refund or credit any cash paid to government entities like, filing fees or taxes, or to different third parties with a task in process your order. Under any condition, LegalRaahi shall be prone to refund solely upto the fee paid by the consumer.

Refund Request

Refund request can be started through All refund requests should be created at intervals of 6 days of purchase. We’ll process your request at intervals of 15 to 25 business days of accepting all the data needed for process refund like reason for refund, bank details for process request, etc.

Change of Service

If you would like to alter the service you ordered for a distinct one, you need to request this variation of service inside 6 days of purchase. the price tag of the first service, less any earned fee and cash paid to government entities, like filing fees or taxes, or to different third parties with a task in process your order, will be credited to your LegalRaahi account. You’ll use the balance credit for the other LegalRaahi service.

Standard Pricing

LegalRaahi has set a typical rating policy for varied services and customer of each class can prefer a service in step according to their business module. The fundamental rating structures provided on the Website/Emails are base prices. The costs are subject to vary with relation to territorial jurisdiction of a state, kind and range of services benefited by the customer. We tend to reserve the right to change the costs as quoted on our web site at any given purpose of your time however this will not affect contracts that have recently acquire force. The standard pricing policy isn’t applicable for a rise in the total fee paid by the customer to LegalRaahi due to increase in government fee or fee incurred by the customer for completion of legal documentation or re-filing of forms with the government rejection or resubmission. We are not responsible or to blame for the other value incurred by the customer associated with the completion of the service. potentially, costs on the web site could also be incorrectly quoted; consequently, we are going to verify costs as a part of our sale procedures so that the proper worth are going to be notified to you before the contract comes into force.

Factors Outside our Control

We cannot guarantee the results or outcome of your explicit procedure. As an example, the govt. could reject a trademark application for legal reasons on the far side the scope of LegalRaahi service. In some cases, a government backlog or issues with the govt. platforms (e.g. MCA web site, taxation web site, and FSSAI website) will result in long delays before your method is complete. Issues like these square measures on the far side of our management and don’t seem to be coated by this guarantee or eligible for a refund. Hence, delay in the process of your file by the govt. cannot be a reason for refund.

Force Majeure

LegalRaahi shall not be consider in breach of its Satisfaction Guarantee policy or default underneath any terms of service, and shall not be prone to the client for any halt, interruption, or delay within the performance of its obligations because of the earthquake, flood, fire, storm, lightning, drought, landslide, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, tornado, natural disaster, act of God or the general public enemy, epidemic, famine or plague, action of a court or public authority, modification in law, explosion, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labor strike, lockout, boycott or similar event on the far side our affordable management, whether or not foretold or unforeseen (each a “Force Majeure Event”).

Cancellation Fee

Since we’re acquisition prices and dedicating time, manpower, technology resources and energy to your service or document preparation, our guarantee solely covers satisfaction problems caused by LegalRaahi – not changes to your situation or your state of mind. On the off chance that you expect us to hold the handling of a help, we will hold the charge paid for you until you are prepared to start the service.

Before process any refund, we have a tendency to reserve the right to put the best effort to complete the service. In case, you’re not glad with the service, cancellation fee of 20% + earned fee + fee paid to government would be applicable. Just in case of modification of service, the cancellation fee wouldn’t be applicable.