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Overview of Gift Deed Services

A Gift Deed is a legally binding document representing the voluntary transfer of a gift from one person to another. At LegalRaahi, we provide comprehensive Gift Deed services to ensure that your gift transfers comply with all legal provisions. Our services cover both movable and immovable properties, allowing you to express your affection by gifting valuable assets to your loved ones.

Steps for Drafting a Gift Deed with LegalRaahi

  • Step 1: Begin the deed by including essential details such as the date and place of execution, donor and donee information, property details, and the signatures of the parties and witnesses.
  • Step 2: LegalRaahi helps you procure the required stamp paper based on your state's regulations.
  • Step 3: We assist you in getting the Gift Deed registered at the appropriate registrar or sub-registrar office.

Documents Required for Gift Deed Registrations

  • Original Gift Deed
  • ID proofs (e.g., Driver's License, Passport)
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Documents establishing the donor's title to the property
  • Any other related agreements or certificates

Why Choose LegalRaahi for Gift Deeds?

If you're planning a court marriage in Delhi, LegalRaahi offers trustworthy, confidential, and expert services. Here's why you should choose us:

Legal Expertise:

Our team comprises legal experts well-versed in the provisions of the Transfer of Property Act, ensuring that your Gift Deed is drafted in compliance with the law.

Affectionate Transfers:

We understand the importance of love and affection in gift transfers. LegalRaahi ensures that your Gift Deed clearly reflects the intention behind the transfer and excludes any monetary consideration.

Registered Gift Deeds:

For the transfer of immovable properties, a registered Gift Deed is mandatory as per Section 17 of the Registration Act, 1908. We assist you in fulfilling this requirement to ensure a valid gift transfer.

Comprehensive Clauses:

LegalRaahi includes essential clauses in your Gift Deed, such as the consideration clause (reflecting the absence of monetary exchange), property description, donor and donee details, possession of property, and more.

Rights and Liabilities:

We ensure that any additional rights and liabilities related to the gift are clearly mentioned, providing a comprehensive framework for the transfer.

Seamless Process:

Our goal is to make the Gift Deed process as smooth as possible. We guide you through drafting, printing on the appropriate stamp paper, and registration at the registrar or sub-registrar office.

Seek Legal Guidance from the experts at LegalRaahi

LegalRaahi streamlines the entire Gift Deed process, allowing you to express your love and affection through valuable gifts while ensuring legal compliance. Choose LegalRaahi for comprehensive Gift Deed services that make the process hassle-free and legally sound.

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