Everyone with a GST Registration must file GST Return, either there has been any turnover or not, within the month. In short, no Sale or Purchase has appeared, in a month, you, still, have to sign to Government GST Portal and comply with a NIL return. So if you are thinking of why or how to file Nil GST Return Format, read upon. Therefore, still, if there were no invoices circulated during a month, the taxable person must submit a NIL GST Return before the deadline. If a NIL Return is not filed on time, a penalty of Rs.100 per day is suitable, for late filing. In short, as a taxpayer, you have to file a NIL return. Put Zero Values in all the appropriate fields of the GST Return form accessible online, when you have not had a transaction.

Important: It is compulsory that you file GST returns on the 10th, 15th and 20th of every month. In spite of having no business activity or transaction within the month, you should still sign in to the GST portal and file NIL GST return to avert penalty.

Upcoming Dates for GST Returns filing

GST ReturnsWho is needed to fileDue Date of Filing
GSTR – 1All GST Registered PersonsEvery Month by 10th
GSTR – 2All GST Registered PersonsEvery Month by 15th
GSTR – 3All GST Registered PersonsEvery Month by 20th
GSTR – 4Persons Registered with Composition Scheme under GSTJuly – 18th, October – 18th, and January – 18th
GSTR – 5 Non-Resident taxpayerEvery Month by the 20th and Within 7 days after expiry of GST Registration
GSTR – 6 Input service distributorEvery Month by 13th
GSTR – 7TDS DeductorEvery Month by 10th
GSTR – 8 E-commerce operatorEvery Month by 10th
GSTR – 9Enrolled Persons (9 for Normal person, 9A for Composition, 9B for E-Commerce Operators and 9C for Persons with Annual Turnover over Rs. 2 crores)31st December of Next Financial Year
GSTR – 10Registered Persons who have Surrendered GST or GST Registration is canceledWithin 3 Months of the Cancellation or submission

How to file Nil GST Return Format-1?

A Nil GSTR-1 return has to be filed if you have a regular GST registration. Also if you have had NO sales transaction in the month. In another way, each day penalty of Rs.100 will be suitable.

In this Return, you have to give information about all sales transactions of the previous month and upload invoices given to the GST portal. When you have not had any sales, then you should sign in to the GST Portal, submit that no transactions were completed, give your Digital Signature, and file the GSTR-1 return.

Do I have to file a nil GST Return – 2 Format?

Yes, a Nil GSTR-2 Return has to be filed by a taxpayer also if there have been no purchase transactions during a month. If it is not filed, a penalty of Rs.100, every day, will be suitable. At the time of filing GSRT-2 Return, most of the information is necessarily uploaded based upon the GSTR-1 filing by your combined taxpayers. As a result, if there has been no buying, the Format of GSTR-2, that is auto-uploaded, would show no transaction. You just have to confirm your GSTR-2, sign digitally, and submit your Nil GSTR-2 easily.

Do I have to file a Nil GSTR-3?

Yes, a Nil GSTR-3 must be filed, also if there has been no business activity within a month. If you don’t file GSTR-3 on time, a per-day penalty of Rs.100 will be suitable. Since lots of the information in GSTR-3 is necessarily uploaded, the filing of a Nil GSTR-3 becomes simple. You would just have to sign in to the GST Portal, confirm the sum of tax payable, if any, sign digitally and submit your GSTR-3.

Do I have to file a Nil GSTR-3B?

GSTR-3B is to be filed for the months of July and August, by all taxpayers with GST Registration. Those elements that have had no business transaction within the month of July and August have to file a Nil GSTR-3B.

How to File NIL GST Return-3B?

how to file nil GST return

how to file nil GST return: Nil GSTR-3B Filing: LegalRaahi

A Nil GSTR-3B can be filed instantly, through the GST portal precisely. Therefore, any individual having GST registration should file nil return before the due date without fail to avoid the penalty.

Step 1

Login to GST Portal: Sign in to your GST Dashboard on the Government GST Portal. Click on Return.

how to file nil gst return

how to file nil GST return: Sign in to GST Portal: LegalRaahi

Step 2

Select the month: GSTR-3B has to be filed only for the months of July and August. Hence, choose July or August from the drop-down list and click on Continue. how to file nil GST return

Step 3

Select “Prepare GSTR-3B”: Click on Prepare Online under the section titled “Monthly Return – GSTR3B”

how to file nil GST return

how to file nil GST return: Prepare Online: LegalRaahi

Step 4

Verify that all fields are Nil in the Return: If all fields are Nil in the GSTR3B summary, click on Save. You can save your GSTR3B Format, many times as you desire, to save your progress.

how to file nil GST return

how to file nil GST return: Verify: LegalRaahi

Step 5

Check the Preview and Submit your GSTR3B: Once the Return has been prepared and saved, click on Preview and Submit your GSTR3B

how to file nil GST return

how to file nil GST return: Check Preview: LegalRaahi

Step 6

Accept the return summary: Once your GSTR3B has been surrendered, a window will ask for “Final Confirmation”. Click on Confirm and Submit to file the GSTR3B. Now, you will not be capable to alter any of the information submitted.

how to file nil GST return

how to file nil GST return: Accept the Summary: LegalRaahi

Step 7

Digitally sign the GSTR3B return: When the GSTR3B has been acknowledged, click on the Agree checkbox and digitally sign your GSTR3B return to complete the Nil GST Return filing.

how to file nil GST return

how to file nil GST return: E-Sign and Submit: LegalRaahi

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