ICEGATE, full form Indian Customs Electronic Commerce Gateway is a portal for internet-filing services for the customers of the Customs Department. The customers of the customs department could involve trade and cargo carriers as well. As of this 2019, 24000 users are enrolled with ICEGATE provide over 6.72 lacs importer/exporters. The e-commerce Portal of Central Board of Excise and Customs links about 15/broad type partners with custom Electronic Data Interchange by message exchanges enabling quicker customs approval. This also facilitates Export Import Trade. Also, See Import Export Code.

The Icegate foundation project has been provided with an aim to complete the department’s Electronic Commerce and Electronic Data Interchange, also with data communication prerequisites. The portal acknowledges for the transfer of a host of services involving the e-filing of the Shipping Bills (Export Goods Declaration), Bill of Entry (Import Goods Declaration), and related messages between the Customs and Trading Partners. The facilities utilized for communication involve E-mail, Web-upload, and FTP which are among some of the most usually utilized protocols on the internet.

Airline and Shipping Agents file manifests by the internet byways of the facilities. Custodians and Cardo Logistics operators communicate with customs EDI by the IceGate portal for cargo and logistics-related details. In addition, data exchange also happens between the Customs and different regulatory and licensing agencies such as RBI, DGFT, Ministry of Steel, and DGCIS. The National  Import Database and Export Commodity Database (ECDB) for the Directorate of appraisal are also serviced via the ICEGATE portal.

The digital documents/messages being controlled by the ICEGATE are treated at the Customs’ end by the Indian EDI System (ICES) running at 134 customs locations. The e-filing services are also completed by other services like online registration, e-payment, for IPR such as trademark filing, Document Tracking status at IE Code status, customs EDI, Online verification of different documents. PAN Card-based CHA data and connects to different other necessary websites such as DGFT, CBEC.

Additionally, to the wide range of services under the portal, ICE GATE also issues a 24×7 helpdesk facility to its partners. Digital Signatures are used on the documents to assure secure filing.

ICEGATE Vision and Mission


Icegate’s vision is to give an effective and clear mechanism for the group of indirect taxes and enforcement of cross border control with a view to encouraging voluntary compliance.


Icegate goals to deliver high-performance and excellence in the implementation, also, formulation of Central Excise, Customs, and Service Tax laws and process. The goals Icegate desires to achieve with the same are the following:

  • Realizing the revenues in an equitable, fair, transparent, also, efficient manner.
  • Facilitating Trade and Industry by streamlining and Simplifying Customs, Central Excise, and Service Tax procedures
  • Administering the Government’s economic, taxation and trade policies in a pragmatic way
  • Assuring Control on Cross Border transportation of services, goods, and Intellectual Property
  • Helping Indian businesses to enhance their competitiveness.
  • Battling Revenue Evasion, Commercial Frauds, and Social Menace
  • Cultivating a climate of voluntary compliance by means of delivering information and guidance
  • Supplementing the efforts in ensuring National Services

What is ICES?

ICES stands for the Indian Customs EDI System. There are 134 major customs locations where ICES is handling close to 98% of India’s International Trade in conditions of Import and export consignments. Some important features and aspects of ICES involves:

  • Real-Time electronic integrating with regulatory agencies in charge of clearance of customs of import and export cargo via ICEGATE.
  • Internalizing the automation of Custom House for an inclusive, paperless, automated customs approval system which makes the operation of Customs Clearance transparent and effective
  • The ICES has been planned to transact customs clearance connected details digitally using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Documents are treated online also with live customs clearance is done.

EDI Customs Trading Partners: Overview

EDI Trading PartnerNature of Information ExchangedNo. Of Messages
Airlines /Shipping Line/ Shipping AgentsManifests and cargo logistics messages26
Importers/CHA/ExportersBills of Entry/ Shipping Bills and related information13
Sea CustodiansCargo logistics messages18
Air CustodiansCargo logistics messages9
ICDsCargo logistics messages 6
BanksFinancial messages – duty defect, disbursal and customs duty payment9
RBIForex. Remittance data1
DGFTshipping bills, License, and IE Code data 13
Directorate of ValuationValuation data2
DGCISTrade statistics 2

Three Systems are major elements of Indian Custom automation

  1. The ICES operation at 134 locations. ICES has to necessarily accept and process all incoming messages. ICES produce all outgoing messages necessarily at the appropriate stage of the clearance procedure.
  2. ICEGATE is the interface of ICES with the foreign world for customs authorization regarding messages and giving of trade Statistics/Customs clearance data with licensing and regulatory agencies such as DGCI&S, DGFT, RBI, Ministry of Steel, and so on.
  3. RMS (Risk Management System) is the 3rd component that facilitates the compliant trade bias of the transactions requiring deeper investigation by customs officers.


As to enroll yourself on the ICEGATE portal,  you have to follow the process as below

Step 1: Head on over to the ICEGATE User Registration

Step 2: Enter your desired icegate ID  and your e-mail address


ICEGATE User Registration

Step 2: Select Your Role



Step 3: As soon as you fill in your role the website will request that you upload your Digital signature on the machine before the procedure.


Step 4: As Soon as you Click OK, An Application Form will open where you will have to fill the personal information of yourself and the business, Fill up your information, Click Go and You will be registered.



Banks Accepting Payment with ICEGATE (e-payment)

  • State Bank of India
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Bank of India
  • Union Bank of India
  • IDBI Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Central Bank of India
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • UCO Bank
  • Bank of Maharashtra
  • Corporation Bank
  • Canara Bank
  • Vijaya Bank

Functions and Services of ICEGATE

The ICEGATE is a portal that has facilitated most of the services to help the life of businesses in India. Here are some regulatory operations also as services of the portal:

 Regulatory Functions

  • Collect and Collection of Customs and Central Excise duties and Service Tax
  • Enrollment and Monitoring of units manufacturing excisable goods and service providers
  • Combating smuggling and other unfair practices like an evasion of duties and service tax
  • Clearance, as well as, the examination of imported and exported goods
  • International Passenger and baggage Clearance
  • Dispute Resolution via Administrative and Legal Measures
  • Analysis of declaration accepted and returns filed with the department
  • Border Control Implementation on goods and Conveyances
  • Export Promotion Measures
  • Rebate, Refund, and Drawback Sanctioning
  • Arrears of Revenue
  • Audit Assessments for Ensuring Tax Compliance

Services of ICEGATE

The ICEGATE Portal broadly provides  services in the given below verticals:

  1. Exporter/ Importer E-Services
  2. Custom House Agent Transaction Services
  3. Institutional Partners details, directions
  4. E-Payment Authorized Bank Partners

Accordingly, of these service verticals, there are some service operations that the portal performs which are:

  • Information dissemination on law and procedures through electronic and print media
  • Empowering filing of returns, declarations, and claims online administration.
  • Furnishing information  on the status of processing of declarations, returns, and claims
  • Assisting the right holders in protecting their Intellectual Property Rights
  • Inquiries of the Public in relation to Central Excise, Customs, and Service Tax Matters
  • Providing Customs assistance such as examination of goods and factory stuffing of export foods at clients’ sites

Benefits of ICEGATE  Registration

In being a partner with ICEGATE,  there are many advantages an export-import business entitles themselves to. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • ICEGATE assists businesses in e-filing both import and export acknowledgment.
  • Assuring declarations filed through the digital signatures are assigned by customs, acting as a signatory authority under the Information Technology Act of 2000, will not be invalidated under any conditions.
  • Portal allows the customs to reply to exporters and importers after assessing shipping bills and bills of entry.

Grievance Redressal

The ICEGATE alleges to be an aware and taxpayer-friendly administration and it has put in place an inclusive grievance redressal system as per the regulations of which:

  • ICEGATE will accept complaints within 48 hours of receiving the complaint and will work towards furnishing final response within 30 working days
  • If final replies can’t be sent in the given timeline, an interim response will be sent to the disturbed business
  • Common Grievances and Complaints can also be lost with the Public Grievance Committee Permanent Trade Facilitation Committee, Regional Advisory Committee and in the Open House meetings
  • If no reply is given within the given timeline, Aggrieved can file an appeal with the Jurisdictional Commissioner / Cheif Commissioner.


At the Board level: Commissioner (Publicity) has been designated as the Public Grievance Officer for the Central Board of Excise and Customs, whose contact details are mentioned below: Address: Directorate of Publicity and Public Relations, Central Revenues Building, Customs & Central Excise, I.P. Estate, New Delhi-110 109, Phone: 011-2337 9331 Fax: 011-2337 0744

At the field level: A Public Grievance Officer has been nominated in each Commissionerate / duties House with whom all complaints and objections can be taken up. The contact information of the Commissionerate-wise Public Grievance Officer is accessible at