This article will help you to understand to how to deal with an audit from FSSAI/FDA for continual improvement of your facilities with confidence to face an FSSAI / FDA.

Types of Audits

Scheduled Audits

FSSAI/FDA authorities inform Food Business Operators (FBOs) in advance when the audit is to be done. The advantage is FBOs get an adequate chance to set up their records well.

Unscheduled Audits

Surprise!!! FSSAI/FDA authorities are at your doorstep to give you a stun. This creates hassle among FBOs as a result of a lack of time to plan documents in regards to the audit procedure.


Complaints filed by buyers give a reason to Food License authorities to carry out an inspection of the food quality of your items. In case 5 people complain with respect to the food quality of your specific product that will give rise to a raid. A raid is a nightmare for any manufacturer as it harms their reputation severely. The brand name gets infamous and it takes a long time to regain confidence.

Preparation for auditing

  1. Infrastructure– It is advised to maintain your work premises and it free from any deformity. Keep it clean, leakage, and pest free. Storage capacity should be sufficient to keep food products hygienically that protects health.
  1. LicenseYou should always possess the right kind of License for your business. Keep a duplicate of your license always at your work premises. The auditor will definitely ask for your license. It should be updated.
  1. DocumentationFood Safety Management System is the essential report of each FBO. It incorporates sanitation designs with respect to how you are planning to proceed. The auditor may ask for your yearly turnover and other related documents consisting of records of several tasks undertaken and done by you during a year.
  1. Process– Food manufacturing, packaging, dispatching, and storing flows from a well-characterized process. That procedure should be precise. No deferral in tasks is the foundation of progress.
  1. Manpower– Your employees must be familiar with sanitation standards. The workers are liable for keeping up quality levels. An auditor may interrogate them on any process issue regarding their work area. The health check-up certificate of all employees has been made mandatory as per new laws.

Process of Audit from FSSAI

All Food Business Operators (FBOs) must be aware of how to handle an auditing procedure from FSSAI/FDA as auditing is a crucial segment of the food sector.

  • Step 1– Whenever a person comes for an audit, before disclosing your documents ask him to show his FSSAI/FDI ID card.
  • Step 2– If an auditor raises Non-Compliance issues, make note of it. Then make an attempt on making them understand your procedure strategy to remove non-compliance issues. Remember, ‘DON’T ARGUE’.
  • Stage 3– Be accurate with documentation work. Present him only documents that are relevant to his inquiries. Try not to fabricate a heap of documents around him.
  • Step 4– Generally, Non-compliances are raised during auditing. ask him against which clause that particular non-compliance has been raised. This will make the officials from FSSAI/FDA assure that they brought up the right issues. 

Now be prepared to face an audit from FSSAI with confidence after preparing the above-mentioned points. Comprehend the idea of the audit. Be restrained towards the auditor as he is consistently anxious to issue Non-compliances. Attempt to enhance all Non-compliances frequently otherwise, they can impose penalties. For FSSAI License connect with Legalraahi today!